Below we have resources and answers for common retailer needs and questions. For information for international (non-U.S. and Canada) retailers, go to the last question on the page.  

If you don’t find what you’re looking for here, email and ask!

Interested in running Munchkin Collectible Card Game events in your store?

For the first year of the Munchkin Collectible Card Game, we’re keeping organized play fairly informal. (To find out what formal events we are doing and how you can get involved, skip to the next question.)

Pick up an Organized Play Kit to run a casual play event or tournament in your store. There are two ways to get the OP Kit: It's free when you send proof of purchase of a case of booster POPs to, or you can purchase one for $5 on Warehouse 23 if you have a retailer’s account. (Email to set up a retailer's account.) Run your events whenever it’s right for your store. There’s no need to report results unless you’re running an official tournament.

We do provide promotional support for at least two informal events per release (and we'll have releases roughly quarterly). These are a Release Event and a Day of Wreckoning. Release Events are scheduled for roughly the time of the set's release; the Day of Wreckoning will be about a month later. For these events, we promote participating stores on our social media and blog platforms, provide digital and physical promotional materials, and hold social media contests for participating players and stores.

To be sure you hear about it whenever we take sign-ups for these events, get on our Retailer Newsletter list and join the Steve Jackson Games Retailer Facebook Group.

Feel free to run your informal events as drafts, constructed tournaments, or any other format that works for your store. You can email for ideas; you can also email that address if you discover a great new way to play!

Want to host a regional championship?

Regional Championship Tournament applications for 2018 are closed.

Looking for details on tournament rules, game rules, or how to train a judge?

Want to buy the Munchkin Collectible Card Game?

Looking for promotional assets? 

Hoping to keep up-to-date on the Munchkin Collectible Card Game?

I'm an international (non-U.S. or Canada) retailer. What support do you have for me?

  • There are two ways you can potentially obtain Organized Play Kits:

    • Contact your distributor and ask if they have any. Select international retailers have received shipments of kits. If they don’t have any, let them know you’re interested.

    • Purchase them directly from us at Warehouse 23. You will have to pay shipping, so we recommend you try the contacting your distributor option first. If you’d like to find out how to purchase products directly from us, see our direct sales page.

  • For our play events such as Release Events and Days of Wreckoning, we don’t list international retailers on our main posts because we know less about product arrival dates and OP kit availability. However, if you let us know on social media when you are running an event of any kind by tagging us @SJGames on Facebook and Twitter and @SteveJacksonGames on Instragram, we will share your post to all of our followers to get the word out.

  • If you are holding an event on a designated event weekend, feel free let your customers know about our social media prize contests, where players who post about the game using #PlayMunchkinCCG are automatically entered to win prizes. We don’t mind shipping prizes internationally.

  • Information on international Regional Championships is TBD as of February 2018.

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