Munchkin Collectible Card Game

Munchkin Collectible Card Game Introductory Set

Designed by Eric M. Lang and Kevin Wilson • Developed by Devin Lewis, Sam Mitschke and Randy Scheunemann • Illustrated by Katie Cook

160 cards, 40 tokens, two level dials, two Run Away markers, a six-sided die, and a rulesheet.
Suggested Retail Price $29.95
Stock # SJG4510 * UPC 080742099999

Bluff, cheat, and bludgeon to your heart's content! The Munchkin Collectible Card Game Introductory Set has everything two players need to play as any of the six Heroes in this game, and it's a great starting point for players of all levels. Pick the Heroes you want to pit against each other, create your decks, and customize them using the included randomized boosters – all right out of the box! 

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