It's Party Time!

October 9, 2017

The Munchkin Collectible Card Game combines familiar CCG concepts with new mechanics to make a game that plays like nothing else out there. Choose your favorite Hero and build a deck that suits the way you play!

  • The Centaur Warrior loves dealing direct damage and she’ll punish you in a hurry if you can’t protect yourself. On top of that, her vast array of weapons will turn your puny monsters into punching bags. Prevent her damage, though, and you can put this Hero through the grinder.
  • The Halfling Ranger sends an onslaught of monsters after you. If you squish them, he just brings them back to life. Then he makes them even stronger. Then they stomp all over your face and squish you. Squish his monsters with weapons and well-timed mischief spells, and you can neuter his entire arsenal.
  • The Dwarf Cleric deals big damage late in the game, and he can wait you out with his damage prevention spells, healing spells, and super-tough allies. Pray you defeat him quickly! Find unorthodox ways to deal damage and take away his options by zapping his loot and allies – he’ll be in big trouble!
  • The Elf Thief is a master card manipulator, an unapologetic cheater, and a true jack-of-all-trades. Her versatility means you never quite know what to expect . . . which is exactly what she wants. Recycle cards back into your deck and call her bluffs to keep this troublemaker at arm’s length.
  • The Orc Bard brings her meanest spells back for encore after encore, and you’ll have to deal with those while she slowly takes away every option you have. Unleash a horde of monsters, however, and you’ll waltz right past her defenses.
  • The Human Wizard is out for blood. A master of mischief, he casts all manner of damage-dealing spells that hurt both of you…but he’s hoping to hurt you just a tiiiiiiiiny bit more. Always make sure you’ve got more life than the Wizard, and ensure that he’s never more than a medium threat.

While each Hero has a specialty, you aren’t limited to one playing style. When building your deck, a clever mix of class cards and neutral cards (which can be used by any Hero) makes your Hero versatile and dangerous to any foe. The starter decks give you a small taste of what each Hero can do, but the 12-card booster packs offer a much wider assortment of tools that help you cause all sorts of mayhem.

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