Stomp your foes (and their stuff, too) as the Centaur Warrior!

December 19, 2017

Centaur Warrior

This week we continue our focus on the heroes of the Munchkin Collectible Card Game with the mighty Centaur Warrior! She's got four hooves, two arms, and one tail, all ready to hand her opponents the beatdown they rightly deserve. The Warrior class focuses on powerful Weapons that cut Monsters down to size. Unless you've got something to slow things down, a well-constructed Warrior deck will tear you apart in no time. 

The Centaur Warrior can zap to deal 1 damage to any Hero or Monster. This is one potent ability! She can squish a small Monster without committing a Weapon to a fight. Or she can simply deal damage directly to you. Your stashed Monsters aren't safe, either, since she can target them as well.

Here's how the Centaur Warrior can punish an opponent using just three cards: The Hydraxe is a Weapon that gets stronger when you go up a level. If she can get the Hydraxe in play and keep her opponent from squishing it while she levels up over a few turns, it starts to grow into a very large Weapon…and combining it with Crushinate, which adds 2 power to any Weapon, makes the Hydraxe enormous. At that point, she can play Thwack! to zap the Hydraxe and deal damage equal to its power to any target. This should be enough to take care of any Monsters, or maybe even wipe out her opponent! 

As for Monsters, Punch McFacey brings some absurdity to the Centaur Warrior's stable, making you guess in which hand she's hidden a token. If you guess correctly, you get the token as gold. If you're wrong, however, you take the token as damage! The Pain Train is a tough Monster that gets substantially stronger if the Centaur Warrior overpays to hire it, gaining 2 power for each gold she pays above its normal gold cost. And the Kobold Blademaster gets increasingly stronger as the Warrior equips more Weapons, which she really loves to do.

This all makes the Centaur Warrior sound like an unstoppable force, but she can be beaten. Preventing damage, cursing everything in sight, smashing her Loot, and forcing her to lose cards are just a handful of ways you can shut down her rampage. Nevertheless, the Centaur Warrior is a formidable foe who can stomp all over your plans, so you'd better be ready!

Order the Ranger & Warrior Starter Set at your friendly local game store! And to find out about the other half of the Ranger & Warrior Starter Set, check out this Halfling Ranger article!

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