Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I mulligan before or after the die roll?

Players may mulligan after drawing their hand of cards. It makes no difference which player, if any, decides to mulligan first. Once both players have had the chance to mulligan, roll the die to determine first player.

Q: When can Mischief cards be played?

Any player can play Mischief cards on any player's turn, after the active player's unzap step and until their cooldown begins.

Q: If a Loot or Ally in my hand has an interrupt ability, can I play the card to interrupt my opponent’s ability during their turn?

No. If an Ally or Loot card has an interrupt ability, that means you can use it as an interrupt when the card is already in play. It does NOT mean that you can play the card itself as an interrupt, or that you can play the card on your opponent's turn.

Q: When a card refers to "Monsters in the stash," do face-down Monsters count?

No. Only face-up Monsters in play count as Monsters, and that includes face-up Monsters in your stash. Face-down Monsters count only as cards.

Q: When can I use the zap ability on cards that I control that are in play?

You can use the zap ability on in-play cards that you control during any player's turn, after the active player's unzap step and until their cooldown begins.

Q: When can I play cards with a Flaunt ability?

You can activate a Flaunt ability on any player's turn, after the active player’s unzap step and until their cooldown begins.

Q: How do committed Weapons reduce damage dealt during a fight?

All weapons committed to the fight deal damage to the Monster. If the Monster survives that, then the damage the Monster would do is reduced by the combined defense values of all commited weapons.

Q: Can I commit a card with a Monstrous ability to a fight as a Monster if I'm the defender?

A Monstrous card can become a Monster only when you are the attacker and you have committed that card to a fight.

Q: How do I get rid of a Location or Loot card that I played earlier?

During your munchkining phase, you may zap a Location or Loot under your control to squish it. You can't squish a zapped Location or Loot. Zapping a Loot or Location to squish it does not activate any other zap abilities on that card.

Q: How does Inhumane Society affect hiring The X-Monster

The amount of gold you commit to the fight equals the power and life of The X-Monster. However, once The X-Monster is hired, the ability of Inhuman Society takes effect and reduces the gold cost of The X-Monster by 1. You are then considered to have Overpaid by 1.

Card Clarifications

This section gives you answers about specific cards.

Forked! – This card may be played when a Treachery card is moved to the discard for any reason, including Spill.

Goblin Kaboomer – This Monster is never moving to the discard pile, so it is not a valid target for Regenerate

Halfling Ranger – This card's ability cannot be used on a Monster with Stealthy. Even though the Monster has been squished, it still counts as in play until it reaches the discard pile.

Silver Bullet – A Monster removed from the game by this card is not considered to have been squished.

Stabbity Stab! – This card must be played when a Defender runs away but before your committed gold is returned to your purse. You must pay for this card using gold already in your purse that was not committed to the fight.

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